Vision & Mission


“To emerge as the best choice in the education, globally”

“Create lifelong learners with a mark of Intellectual excellence.”

“To generate integrated focus on academics, services, supports, and opportunities that will lead to improved student learning, stringer family bonding and healthier communities.”


Imparting holistic education with a scientific edge, exploring newer domains of knowledge and not just mere learning of a, b, c. Hence, creating compassionate, responsible and innovative global citizens.

It is our endeavor to develop a harmonious and integrated personality of our students with particular reference to our Indian background and culture. To encourage talent of all kinds and stretch the capacity of each individual, the work and activities are divided under four headings :

  • Academic Work
  • Creative Activities
  • Physical Activities
  • Training in responsible behaviour

Maria Montessori propagated the Montessori system of education. According to her, education must be reconstructed and based on laws of nature and not on the pre-conceived notions and prejudices of adult society. Implementing the same concept of natural learning, our school thus aims to :-

  • Awake the child´s spirit, imagination and allow him to choose his activities
  • Encourage the child´s normal desire for independence and high sense of self esteem
  • Develop within him the kindness, courtesy and self discipline that will allow him to become a responsible adult
  • Help the child to observe, question and explore ideas independently