DPS (Std. I to X)

´Our School Create an environment where teaching becomes a passion rather than a profession.´

Academic Work (Std. I to X) : The basic tools for education are reading and writing. More stress is given on teaching Hindi, English and Mathematics so that they can comprehend and formative the materials, common in business and higher education. As per CBSE guidelines, we follow the CCE pattern which includes Summative assessments divided in Two Term Examinations — Mid Term and Final Term. We encourages students to participate in the activities conducted by school throughout the year for their all round development.

English & Hindi : Language learning is the base of all the subjects. The language curriculum enhances the writing skill. The teachers motivate and improves on the listening and speaking, reading and comprehension ability of the students. Interactive spoken English programs are conducted for effective communication. Particular stress has been laid on teaching Communicative Grammar.

Mathematics : The school believes in concrete learning of any method. The main emphasis is not only on the ´How´ but on the ´Why´ of the mathematical operations. The concreteness of concepts is brought about by use of Maths Lab. apparatus.

Science : The classes have been designed to enhance the scientific temper of the students and make them understand the mysteries of science and environment in an enjoyable manner. Science is accompanied by the activities and experiments in the Science Lab and Audio, Visual aids.

S.St. : We teach History of the contemporary world not only relating to the growth of industries and trade, technology and science, railways and roads but also about the forest dwellers and pastoralists, shifting cultivators and small peasants. Our whole existence is based on history.

Value Education : These classes aim at instilling a sense of morality and ethics to the students. The activities promote team spirit, fellowship and self control and add to the character building.

Computer : Incorporating the use of multimedia, technology, computer aided learning along with computer education adds a new dimension to teaching. Learning becomes more interactive and fun besides developing student’s receptivity to ever modernizing methods.

G. K. : The whole idea is to make the students aware of the virtues and achievements of the great personalities, the inventions and the discoveries, the country, its tradition, religion and the culture.


"Talent seeks medium of expression...... and freedom to do its bit"

We put "Enthusiasm" into everything we do Music, Dance & Art Education.

The art of Music and Dance is an expression of the inner urge.

It works together in perfect harmony to explore the talents and skills of the children. The children are exposed to different forms of artistic expressions and attention is given to develop a full fledged centre of grooming in this domain.

An efficient engine of a car without a beautiful body will not attract us to buy a car. So Art & Craft enhances aesthetic values and positive perspective to appreciate beautiful things around us. Activities like Rakhi Making, Card Making, Drawing & Coloring, Craft and Clay Modeling satisfies the creative instinct in a child.

S.U.P.W. provides preliminary training in some of the vocations helps the children to specialize in future.


"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy"
Physically fit individuals can be mentally fit citizens.

Cricket, football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, roller skating and other sports and games are practised by the students for their healthy development. Trekking, hiking and camps add to the spice of adventure.

The children perform Yoga and Pranayam which foster all round development of the mind, body and soul.

The ´Cool Pool´ allow the children to shed their inhibitions, refreshes them in Summer and banishes their fear for water. This facility is provided for children of Std. I to Std. III in Summer.