School Prayer

Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, giver of all good things.
I thank you, for the beautiful day you bring Grant me your grace, to live well today, to work diligently, each and every day.
Give me the strength, to shoulder the responsibilities. To do everything, with utmost sincerity,

Enrich my thoughts, of how to be good, kind, Helpful to humanity forever,
So make me a complete human and thus End my day with happiness and contentment, this prayer Oh! Lord!
I make for your love sake.

- Amen


Morning Prayer

O God! Be our light. Help us to do the right,
In our studies, work and play, Always and every day.
O God! Give me clean hands, clean words and clean thoughts. Help me to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong. 'Save me from habits that harm,
Teach me to work as hard, and to play as fair, in thy sight alone as if all the World saw.


Afternoon Prayer

O God! Thank you,
For the lessons we learnt
Food we ate and games we played keep us safe along the way.
Lord, I thank you for the many times you gave help,
Always listening when I called In my darkest moments,
When all seemed to be lost, There you were, at my side.
Lord we pray for golden peace, Peace all over the land.
May all men dwell in liberty Walking hand in hand Banish fear and ignorance, Hunger, thirst and pain, Banish hate and poverty, Let no man live in vain.