President's Message


Ram Prasad Katesaria

Mr. Ram Prasad Katesaria (President, DPS—KKM Hirak Branch)

Since its inception, Dhanbad Public School, Hirak Branch and Kamal Katesaria Montessori has excelled in various fields. The students, teachers, staff and members of the school are working with full dedication to let the school grow and achieve its goal day by day. Various activities are conducted from time to time to achieve the goal of education.

We have to make today’s education system flawless. Rote learning, memorizing and pouring it on papers during examination time is not education. Our approach is student centered and goes beyond text books and class rooms. We need to cross the traditional boundaries and think beyond the box. Students develop practical skills, enabling them to apply their learning to unfamiliar situations and think critically about different issues.

Our School upholds a value system and adopts contemporary infrastructure and pedagogies. Individuals having diverse backgrounds, carrying unique streaks of values, traditions and cultures enter the portals of this learning community and merge with the dynamic philosophies of our institution. At Dhanbad Public School, Hirak Branch and Kamal Katesaria Montessori, unrelenting effort goes in mentoring and metamorphosing the uncut diamonds into finer gems.

We wish success to everyone.