Patron's Message


Dr. P.N. Gutgutia

Dr. P.N. Gutgutia (Patron — SVT)

I have always felt the need to create a special school. We have moved ahead and have an annexe for the increasing number of students and classes. It has well-equipped, ventilated classrooms, staffrooms and art-room. We work and believe -

  • To bring about holistic development in students and make them ’Sarva Gunn Sampan’ so that they not only become a leader in their professional life but learn to beautifully strike a balance between their personal and professional life.
  • To make Dhanbad Public School, Hirak Branch a continuously evolving and learning community of empowered young minds and staff, by creating synergy through a mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts.
  • To create empowered global citizens who think creatively and laterally; citizens who think beyond the regular and citizens who are self-motivated and self-directed.
  • To impart world class education by providing a balance of academic, athletic, artistic and social opportunities, thereby encouraging the students to lift their aspirations to the highest level of capabilities and interests.
  • To create a safe and supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences.
  • To create new benchmarks in the field of value-based education, that blends a modern outlook with a rich value system.

I have always felt the need to have this special school where the method of educating would be learning while playing and to build a stress free environment for children and make their uncertain steps firm and comfortable. We ascertain to quality teaching and personalized grooming.

Wish a successful future to all!