KKM (Nursery to U.K.G)

Exercises of Practical Life :

For the development of fine motor skills the children perform activities related to the refinement of physical and motor movements like-watering and care of plants, clothespin clamping, folding napkins, handling of dressing frames etc. Favourite activities include drawing, colouring and craft. Yoga, Dance and Games helps in the development of gross motor skills.

Sensorial Activities :

Develops and sharpens his senses like Gustatory, Tactile, Chromatic and Dimensional sense through intelligent exploration of material world.

Mathematical Ability :

Helps in the understanding of numbers and its application in arithmetical operations aided by Montessori apparatus like geometrical solids, shapes abacus, sandpaper numbers, and number rods.

Language Development :

Oral activities like story telling sessions, rhymes and conversation develops the consciousness of the spoken language which is composed of various sounds.

We provide enough space to the child to acquire all skills of reading, writing and comprehending. Everything is taught with wide variety of teaching and learning aids, including the Montessori apparatus in the Montessori Lab.

ENGLISH : Language is developed with the help of oral phonetic analysis using Sand- Paper letters and Movable Alphabet Box.

HINDI : Our first step of learning our National language is introduced at the Montessori level itself.

MATHMATICS : Basic operations like addition, subtraction, division etc are taught with the help of Spindle box,  Number rods and Abacus in order to make every concept very concrete.

EVS :  Teaching / Learning of EVS is essentially important because it brings closer to the environment , where we live in.

SENSORIAL : Geometrical presentation tray & Geometrical solids etc. Helps the child to develop interest in the regular curriculum like tying shoes laces and using dressing frames etc

EPL : This activities help the child to develop interest in the regular curriculum like tying shoes laces and using dressing frames etc.

AUDIO VISUAL : The kids of Nursery, LKG & UKG are introduced to the wonder world of audio visuals. Computer aided educational programs rhymes, songs, phonetic sessions and story sessions etc. are shown. Smart Classes enhance such experiences.